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Located in the immediate vicinity of historical Old Town Warrenton, the largest town in the Fauquier County, where picturesque farms, boutique wineries, and idyllic sights come together to offer an enchanting experience to visitors and residents alike, Taj Palace Indian Cuisine offers the best in Indian and Himalayan cuisine - - from savory curries to delectable tandoor meats flavorful naan bread in an ambiance, that one can feel and relate to.

With tall ceilings adorned with beautiful lattice designs, brightly colored walls segmented with door-like arches on the lower-half and windows-like arches on the upper-half, the interiors of the restaurant evokes the palace-like grandeur and stately splendor. Accessible and naturalistic paintings created by Falls Church-based famed artist Rajendra K.C. further add glory and majestic touch to the ambiance. Deliberately secluded yet approachable from the dining room, our square-shaped bar offers an immersive experience to everyone, whether you are a connoisseur of specialty cocktails or fine wines, accompanied by savory bar plates, created by our respected Chefs.

         Experienced’ would be a very limited description when it comes to our master chef Resham Subedi who has expansive resumes in Indian and Nepali cuisine, has previously managed kitchen operations in US, India, Nepal and is fully conscientious of the diversity of individual palates. Chef Subedi works in tandem to create mainstream North Indian dishes using the best available ingredients and a mix of traditional Masalas (spices), equipping us with confidence when we say that these delicacies will truly please both the casual diners as well as the most refined palates. Come on in and explore the world of Indian Cuisine your way – mild, medium or spicy!

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